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Hello, lovelies! I am thrilled you are joining me for the 7-Day Badass

Yoga Cleanse. Some of you may be old pros at detoxing, while others

might be anxious about doing a detox. Regardless of where you're at

on your journey, you're in the right place...and it's a great time to start!

Throughout the next week, we are going to bring your body back into

balance naturally, by eating WHOLE, REAL FOODS designed to nourish

your body and support a healthy digestion. At the end of your

journey, you'll feel lighter and more energized, and know:

• How to eat clean and choose foods that support your unique body

• Simple ways to support natural detoxification

• Techniques to make the most of your Badass Yoga detox

• A variety of awesome workouts you can do anywhere!


Your program guide includes:

-Cleansing 411 + tips to get started

-Daily motivating workouts

-A complete grocery list & daily menu guide

-Tiggy’s tips to keep you on track!

-Bonus detox tips for continued success

Let's have fun over the next week! I know you're going to feel and look

better from a little TLC and my support. Try your best, and remember

nobody is perfect. I will be with you every step of the way cheering you let's get started! Ready to feel like a total BADASS?


Welcome to Your Badass Yoga Cleanse!

Love, Tiggy XOX

The Badass Yoga Cleanse

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